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La Société

This Company is a world-leading process engineering group offering equipment and project solutions (20 000 persons Worldwide). The portfolio includes technologies relevant for the dairy, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, such as liquid processing, separation, concentration, spray drying, powder handling etc.
For the Application Centre-Dairy & Nutritional Powders, our client is now seeking a Project Manager Dairy Evaporator Specialist. If he does not know these technologies, he would be fully trained. The APC employs around 200 people within offer management, project execution and Application

Le Poste

Summary of Position :

The Project Manager is responsible for the co-ordination of all activities associated with a project, from receipt of customer order to the completion and hand-over of the project, and has responsibility for en-suring that the project is built on time, within the agreed budget and to the appropriate specifications. In some cases the Project Manager will also be involved in the final stages of the sales process before a quote becomes a firm order.

The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that tasks are carried out in a manner which is in line with the Company’s standard practices and procedures, and meets with the customer expectations as far as commercially possible.

Reporting Structure :

Reports to :-
Head of special execution group concentrates.

Staff Reporting :-
No Direct Staff Reporting.

The Company operates a matrix organisation system whereby the necessary resources for a project are assigned to a particular project by the Department Manager. While working on a particular project, the various resources may report to the Project Manager on project related work, and to the Engineering Manager for all other issues.

Responsibilities :

The Project Manager is responsible for the co-ordination of all activities for the achievement of the on-time, within budget delivery of a project. This is to be done in the most cost effective manner possible, while still adhering to the Company’s standards and practices.

Amongst the specific areas which the Project Manager has responsibility are the following :-


1. Taking overall responsibility for a project.
2. Health and Safety on all aspects of the project

3. Ensuring that all aspects of the project are carried out in a manner that complies with the SOP re-quirements of both the Company and the customer.

4. Completing a formal risk assessment for the project and ensuring that any necessary risk manage-ment strategies are adopted and implemented.

5. Monitoring and facilitating information flow to the appropriate people within the company and re-porting of significant project events to the Engineering Manager/Supervisory board.

6. Ensuring all parties working on the project complete the necessary administration documents in a timely and professional fashion.

7. Ensuring all parties working on the project, file all the documents in a manner that complies with the SOP requirements.

8. Co-ordination of the project debrief at the end of the project, to ensure that any useful information from the project is captured and distributed to the appropriate people within (and outside) the com-pany.


9. Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with customers.

10. Maintaining on-going relationships with customers, which may help to generate on-going work with the customer.


11. Management of variations to the original contract to ensure proper authorisation and settlement of any variations to the original contract. The aim of any variations must be the minimisation of any extra costs and the generation of appropriate levels of revenue for additional work.

12. On a monthly basis to provide timely and accurate monthly updates on the projects according to the SOP.
13. Accurate monthly updates of the CTC (Cost To Complete) forecasts for projects.

14. Ensuring that all financial aspects of the project are looked after in a timely and professional fashion in corporation with Division Management, Supply Chain and Account Division. This includes :-
(a) Invoicing
(b) Issuing of bank guarantees
(c) Receiving of L/C
(d) Ensuring prompt payment of all outstanding monies which will require interaction with the Ac-counts Division.

15. Development and ongoing monitoring of project schedules to ensure that :-
a. The project remains on schedule
b. Clear forward visibility is provided to the project team to ensure that tasks are done on time adequate resources are available for all projects.
c. The customer is kept informed about vital changes (both from the customer’s side as well as his sub supplier’s side) in the scheduling effecting his planing
d. Inform the Engineering manager or Project Group Manager about any bottlenecks in the planing and that adequate resources are available.

Quality Assurance

16. Ensuring that the equipment being supplied is of an appropriate standard for the project. It will be necessary to co-operate with S-Tech, Supply Chain, GEA QA and the Sub-Contractors to ensure that the quality of equipment and services supplied are to the required levels.

17. Ensuring that projects are carried out in a manner that complies with GEA Engineering Standards.

18. In co-operation with our Sales Engineer, ensure that all technical and commercial documentation required for the project is completed to the necessary standard. The storage and archiving in of all documentation and records are the responsibility of the Project Manager, during and at the completion of a project.


19. Provision of technical support and sales support in the pre-contract stages, including site survey when requested. This may not be a requirement on all projects, but is typically required for large value projects, or for technically/commercially challenging projects.

20. The Project Manager is responsible for calling the contract hand-over meeting from sales to engi-neering and for ensuring that all details are clarified during the hand-over process.


21. Enhancing our designs and developing our products within the constraints of the overall design and product development strategies of the Company.
22. Ultimate responsibility for the site installation and commissioning phases of a project to achieve the completion of the project to suit customer requirements.

23. Preparing/assisting with the development of functional specification and process description doc-uments.

24. Liaising with the PCO person, to ensure that the Process Controls section of the project is on time, within budget and to the required standard.

25. If necessary, being involved in factory assembly supervision and testing of machines prior to ship-ping to site as required.

26. In co-operation with the Design Engineer the development of general layout/P&ID drawings for systems and General Assembly drawings for machines as required.

27. Liaising with Process Engineer, Specification of component with detailed design engineering as re-quired.

28. Writing the mechanical section of the Operational and Maintenance manuals for machines/ sys-tems.

Votre profil


you are well trained (Graduate in General Engineering or preferably Engineer in Chemistry specialized in engineering processes) – You have gained a minimum of 5 - 10 years experience in chemistry or related fields.
knowledge of membrane technology is an important asset but we accept applications from other specializations, imperatively from the agro food

As a person, you have the following characteristics.
You are:
• process- and solution-oriented
• know how to cooperate and communicate with people from different cultures - both the customer and internally
• able to work with multiple tasks in parallel
• structured in your documentation
• Able and willing to travel up to 30 days a year

This position is located at their Headquarters (West Paris Region)